What is a Rollator Walker?

Rollator Walker – the name came from the phrase Rolling Walkers. The meaning or definition is quite simple to understand. It’s a helping equipment for the elder people who is suffered to walk without a helper. It plays as a third and fourth leg for their need and support to walk. As the name suggests Rollator Walker – It is a walker with rolling wheels under it. There are a variety of models available in the market, you can buy it through Amazon or nearby too.

Nowadays people who are injured also started using this mobility aid until they recovered. We will see the difference between walkers and Rollators, How to use, How to fold, and questions like What is the best and What is Bariatric rollator, etc.

What is a Rollator Walker Used for?

It’s the easiest to push and use it turns on a dime and most importantly, it has the steep which combined what I want from a Wheelchair with what I needed from a walker once we picked the one I brought the print out of it like the recommendation to my actual doctor.

How to use a Rollator Walker?

We are talking about how to use a Rollator Walker and that’s what in the video have. Here the type of person that may be using a rollator Walker is someone with mild weakness or mild balance issues. I don’t recommend this type of Walker for someone that has to bear a lot of weight through the handles of the Walker. Because of how easily it moves this could be a little bit dangerous for that.

Some people are on oxygen that really like this Walker they use it to transport their portable oxygen tanks. They put it on the seat or in the basket they also like it if they’re walking a long distance and they need to sit down frequently, they can use this to sit down. And another thing is, it has brakes on it in there right under the handles and you can reduce the brakes in two different ways.

The first way you can use it is to push them down into a locked position and that’s what you do when you use it to sit down. It’ll stabilize the Walker. You can sit down and use it as a seat.

The second way to use the brakes are to squeeze them and apply them in an upward position and this will help slow the Walker down especially if you’re on a decline surface.

How to fold and what is Bariatric Walker with wheels?

Bariatric Walker is used mainly when a person done with surgery, it’s used as a helper for walking from bed to some other places like bathrooms, outdoors, Indoors, and other areas. Normally it comes without wheels in older days, but now it comes with wheels to make it ease of use. And folding the walker rollator is different one with all the models. So, you need to read the manual description of the product to understand the product.

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bariatric walker rollator with doctor - What is a Rollator Walker

Sportsman with Bariatric Walker without wheels with his Doctor

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